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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  December 26, 2018 4:30am-5:01am PST

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(áábreakáá) (will) welcome back. checking in on your morning forecast. comfortable weather continues today after a nice christmas eve yesterday. expect daytime highs to peak back into the upper 50's and low 60's with
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little change expected moving forward through the remainder of the year. (will) and here's a live look outside... at the bay bridge toll plaza. (will) the san mateo bridge. (will) at the golden gate bridge. ( will ) it was not a good
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christmas for the warriors... as they lost to the lakers at home last night... even though lebron ( will ) it was not a good christmas for the warriors...
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as they lost to the lakers at home last night... even though lebron had to leave the game because of an injury. but it was a christmas to remember for 32 oakland students who were gifted with tickets to last night's warriors game. kron 4's michelle kingston was there. michelle kingston, mkingstonnews"what a day! it was so amazing to watch these kids have a christmas they'll never forget.""merry christmas! i am so excited to have you guys out at the game today!"more than 30 oakland public school students walking in to oracle arena for a christmas day full of surprises.camielle ann mackey washington"i thought we were gonna sit on the court and watch the warriors game and we walked in here and i was like, 'whoa.'"first stop -- a room full of gingerbread houses ... basketball hoops ... food ... and"woooooooo!"steph curry."hi steph curry!""i can't believe my eyes this is happening! i can't believe this is happening!"steph curry, golden
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state warriors"it's a pleaure to have you guys and hopefully we get a win for you alright?" high fiving the kids ... taking selfies ... and wishing them a merry christmas -- today's event was part of the golden state warrior's season of giving campaign -- and before the game started -- all the kids were shuffled out to the court for one last surprise ....alejah maxie "hopefully i don't lose my breath or my voice."acharra shepherd"i feel like when i go home they are not going to be able to hear me at all."each kid given a gift on the court ... a pair of sneakers from the playerstroyonn johnson"all my christmas', this is the best one.""best christmas ever?" oakland michelle kingston kron 4 news ( will ) winter storms could cause travel headaches for millions
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of americans heading home after christmas. the winter weather ... also a problem here in california. john lorince explains. many americans didn't have to dream about a white christmas.snow fell in parts of the west coast, including california, this week.mos/no names given"it's very fun.""this is probably like the best christmas i've ever had."but the white stuff isn't all fun and games.nat sound from video"this guy is about to hit these out!!"a mix of snow and ice caused more than a dozen vehicles to crash on freeway 15 near the cajon ka-hone pass in california. jovan harris/driver"i let it drift over, and i was getting over and then it kinda just slid to the side and as soon as i got ready to go, the lady rammed into me, she jumped out, i jumped out, and then all the cars started coming." this winter storm is expected to crawl across the center of the country wednesday..... winter weather alerts are affecting more than four- million people.roadways throughout the plains and midwest are expected to be dangerous throughout friday.
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officer jesse miller/california highway patrol"it's not worth it, you know, any accident is going slow you down even more..potentially safety of everybody else is obviously more important."as for the south.....forecasters say residents there should prepare for heavy winds, d even large hail.i'm john lorinc reporting. ( will ) ice and snow caused a nightmare on interstate-15 near the cajon pass in southern california tuesday. dozens of cars were involved in a series of chain-reaction crashes. the crashes stopped traffic on the freeway. someone on the roads recoded this video-- and called it complete and utter chaos. some people were injured in the accidents... most of the injuries were minor but some people did have serious injuries. one woman was trapped in her car and had to be extricated. she
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reportedly had critical injuries. ( will ) a christmas surprise at a coffee shop in sacramento... despite not having any snow. a snow man was delivered just in time for christmas. an employee at the old soul coffee shop says someone brought snow down from south lake tahoe-- and built the snowman. people were stopping by all day on christmas eve to take pictures with the snowman. ( will ) dodge ridge resort was packed with families spending christmas on the slopes. as kristi gross reports... hundreds of skiers and snowboarders took advantage of the six inches of fresh powder. whether youúr a first timer -- or a seasoned vet carving down the mountain— families say dodge ridge resort is the place to be christmas day. senthil krishnanathamchristmas is so special because of snow and winter and the holidays. for some heading to the slopes is a christmas tradition—
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we come as a family and stay together and have fun on christmas. -skand for others like juliette t — it was her first time seeing snow.i though it was amazingnats: snowball fightangela mclainwe donút live in the snow so itús just nice to come out and enjoy the weather like this. itús so beautiful.for some it was a midweek getawaywe donút celebrate christmas but this is a day where we can get together with our friends and family and enjoy quality timeááá - amhundreds of skiers and snowboarders— hit the lifts to take advantage of the six inches of fresh powder that fell yesterday.travis rider & paigeitús a great day to be up. sunús out, itús not too hot, not too cold. weúre getting spoiled today.abir bhatt/ snowborderitús great snow. everything... thereús not that many people are right now so like thereús till some fresh tracks that you can ski. ááámarketing manager , jeff hauff says the resort has already seen eight feet of snowfall this month.hauff says the beautiful conditions are a dream come true for those who were wishing for a white christmas and even those who werenút.jeff hauff/ dodge ridge marketing director thereús just something symbolic about the whole thing isnút there. it just make it all better you know. especially when you get the clear blue bird skies out right now, i mean itús just beautiful in every way possib ( will ) that was kristi gross reporting.. with this winter... the resort is hopeful it will be able to stay open until april.
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( will ) that was kristi gross reporting.. with already good snow fall so far this winter... the resort is hopeful it will be able to stay open until april. ( will ) president trump is spent the holidays at the white house after canceling vacation plans to mar-a-lago -- citing the government shutdown. as kristen holmes reports - the president did take time to share christmas messages - and weigh in on critical issues facing the country. "melania and i are truly thrilled to wish every american a very merry christmas."president trump and first lady melania trump-- wishing a merry christmas to americans this morning--before video conferencing with u-s troops-- reaching out service members around the world from all military branches. president then offering another message to reporters--- tis the season.. for a long government shutdown.pres.
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donald trump: "i can't tell you when the government is going to be open. i can tell you it's not going to be open until we have a wall."the president adamant he wasn't caving on his demands for border wall funding.the government shut down friday night when negotiations between congressional democrats and the white house stalled --leaving hundreds of thousands of federal employees without a pay check this holiday season.the president claiming that federal employees supported the shut down.pres. donald trump: "but many of those workers have said to me and communicated, stay out until you get the funding for the wall. these federal workers want the wall." president trump and first lady melania trump spending the holiday in the white house-- canceling their annual trip to west palm beach in response to the shut washington, i'm kristen holmes holmesi'm kristen in washington, i'm kristen holmes ( will ) the holidays are a time to reconnect with family and loved ones. for
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u-s service members, trips home are especially precious. this year, some of the reunions have been caught- on-camera ... and as you might imagine, they quickly went viral. polo sandoval reports. a visit to santa claus...-nats- turned into a special delivery for these two minnesota sisters...-nats-their father - a soldier stationed in kuwait- surprised his daughters just in time for's among the many emotional reunions caught on camera between military members and their families this holiday season.a wisconsin boy's older brother, serving in the army... -nats-surprised him at school with a big hug after five months apart.the soldier then marched down the hall to his other sister and brother.-nats- in this viral video...a little boy, presented with a large christmas gift-nats-inside the box, a loved one in military fatigues.-nats-the person who posted this wrote, "my nephew got to unwrap the only christmas gift he asked for a few days early"-nats-a small
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army of family members kept this airman from even getting through the door in sacramento. -nats-and a christmas choir concert in unexpected interruption....-nats-led to a mother, serving in the navy, embracing her daughter just in time for christmasavarie hinton/daughter: it's been a really long year, and so many things have happened, i just missed her so much. it just makes this christmas extra special, her surprising me.for some of these service members, another deployment could be next...but for now, current marching orders include being home for the holidayspolo sandoval....cnn new york (will) coming up next on the coming up (will) (will) coming up next on the
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kron 4 morning news... we'll tell you about one boy who used christmas to try and help find a cure for cancer. (ácommercialá)(áábreakáá)
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(will) welcome back.
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checking in on your morning forecast. comfortable weather continues today after a nice christmas eve yesterday. expect daytime highs to peak back into the upper 50's and low 60's with little change expected moving forward through the remainder of the year. ( will ) go fund me has refunded 400 thousand dollars to people who donated to a fake campaign. prosecutors ( will ) go fund me has
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refunded 400 thousand dollars to people who donated to a fake campaign. prosecutors say johnny bobbitt junior -- a homeless man... along with kate mcclure and mark d'amico
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conspired together. they are accused of making up a feel-good story about bobbitt giving his last 20 dollars in gas money to help mcclure, who said she was stranded on a pennsylvania highway. but officials say that never happened and that the three met near a casino a month before the go fund me campaign went live. the proceeds of the campaign took in 3- hundred-67 thousand dollars, all deposited into kate mcclure's accounts. all three are facing charges of second-degree theft by deception and conspiracy to commit theft by deception. ( will ) for your health this
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morning... healthy new habits may be on your list of new years resolutions.. but sticking to them may be challenging. experts are suggesting people start small with their goals... and that commitment and consistency are key. breaking in a new habit can be hard but repetition helps. health officials say taking a walk at the same time every day and using a regular meal schedule help. eating your meals at the same time every day can also improve your metabolism. ( will ) a new jersey boy wanted something extra special for christmas this year. but it wasn't a gift for himself. his request was to help a cause near and dear to his heart. joe holden has the story. natseight-year-old michael bell and his older sister
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kadence woke before the sun came up christmas morning.he got an eagles jacket and a jimmy butler 76er's jersey.his real wish, however, was revealed a week ago to a deptford santa amy bell said at first, she thought something was wrong -- after all santa was waving her over.amy bell/mother:"he pulls me aside and tells me that michael asked if he could borrow some money for kids with cancer."santa's reaction, michael said...michael bell/8 years old:"i'll have to see about that."earlier that day, michael was at children's hospital for a routine m-r-i reading.he has neurofibromat osis -- a genetic condition that can cause tumors.michael is okay -- he is monitored regularly by doctors.amy bell/mother:"i mean, we've been in the hospitals and stuff, but i didn't realize that he noticed all the children."amy said word spread quickly among friends and colleagues about michael's special request.nats"holy moly!""for cancer!"a christmas
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wish was granted...michael bell/8 years old:"well, there was a card under the platform, i thought i was all done. i took it out and there was a million hundred dollars." question:"a million hundred dollars?"michael bell/8 years old:"yes. well not really. not that much."question:"that's a slight exaggeration?"michael bell/8 years old:"yeah."amy bell/mother:"yeah, like 50 bucks, santa would put under the tree."we weren't expecting what he did. $1,200 underneath the tree."12-hundred dollars michael and his family will donate for pediatric brain cancer research... a card accompanying the money, called michael a shining star.kadence bell/sister:"i hope this helps, merry christmas, love santa."ed bell/father:"proud is the best word to describe it as a parent. just proud." amy bell/mother:"he's just that type of caring, compassionate kid."seeing christmas through the eyes of their eight-year-old... and amy said her faith is renewed. amy bell/mother:"people that heard the story, they wer just moved, and i guess for an 8-year-old to be so selfless. we could learn a lot from that."question:"you're sort of like a santa claus yourself? disagree? or are you cool with that?"michael bell/8 years old:
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"i'm cool with that." (will) live look outside... at the san francisco international airport. (ácommercialá)
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( will ) our neighbors to the north are claiming santa is a canadian citizen. multiple canadian government agencies confirm that santa --- and the entire claus clan --- are citizens. immigration officials say santa's permanent residence is in the north pole, and he has been issued a canadian passport. the country's revenue agency also claims it has detailed tax records on all of santa's appears it has granted saint nick several exceptions to the nation's tax code, like allowing him to pay his elves with "holiday cheer" and accept cookies as payment for his work. ( will ) still to come on the kron4 morning news... we have the latest on a deadly officer involved shooting tuesday in san jose. ( will ) plus we'll have tell you what the president said yesterday about when it might end.
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comfortable weather continues today after a nice christmas eve yesterday. expect daytime highs to peak back into the upper 50's and low 60's with little change expected moving forward through the remainder of the year.


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